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( Aug. 3rd, 2011 07:36 pm)
Crossposting experimentation in progress.
SO, the recent Troubles over at our Beloved LiveJournal have compelled me to start spending time over here as well, as a back up if nothing else. But it also means seeing some of you again for the first time in... uh, a long, long time. Accordingly, a recap of Recent Events seemed reasonable.

1) Still living in Madison, WI.

2) I was hooded in December (woot!), by some miracle, and if anyone wants to read a 225 page dissertation on Libya, Lucan, and Anger, I will happily hook you up.

3) Alexandra will be two in September. Think about that: I am the mother of a two year old. Clearly something is wrong with the universe.

4) I'm a full time stay at home mom, and right now, I don't have any plans to change that, for the following reasons:

5) I really love being a full time mom, and I'm incredibly lucky that we're in a position for that to be posible.

6) I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the fatigue I've experienced for the last several years is getting difficult to manage at times. The idea of trying to juggle a full academic career with being a mother, much less that AND a human being, is too much to imagine right now. That may change with time, though.

7) I'm... not all that sold on Academia period, for reasons patently obvious to anyone whose had any interaction with the Academy in the last ten years.

8) So what will I do instead? Who knows.

9) I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Some blogging, one or two pieces of freelance work, and then there's... the Thing.

10) Almost a year ago I was in the comments section of one of[personal profile] cleolinda 's LJ, and made a joke about how awesome it would be if Armitage and Radcliffe were in a movie together as Victorian Monster hunters.
I started writing for a laugh. 
It's almost a year and hundreds of pages later, and I'm still going. It's ridic, but it's fun, and some people seem to enjoy it. It keeps my brain occupied. 
I fantasize about shining it up to shop around one day, but that's still a bit far in the future for me to think about.

11) I'm also blogging at Black Gate on fantasy settings in Ancient Lit. GOOD TIMES.

12) That's... all the news that's new. Any questions?

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( Aug. 2nd, 2009 07:18 pm)
This weekend was spent almost completely at childbirth & parenting class. usually it's a six week sequence, but Kev's work schedule was not well suited. It was pretty amazing, actually, and much more useful than I anticipated. Also, it changed our minds about a few things. I went in planning on an epidural and with Kevin not having much of an opinion on it. We both walked out wanting to avoid it if at all possible. A lot of it was the idea of being completely numb and confined to bed. Also, I never really knew that there were other pain control options. If I can use a small narcotic dose to take the edge off, I don't feel the need to be completely numb. In fact, that really kinda freaks me out.

Plus, after 12 hours strapped to a backboard (which I think caused a lot of my back problems, honestly) the idea of being confined to the bed distresses me. I figure this: I went through 2 weeks of agonizing, sharp pain every time I moved after the accident, with relatively low doses of vicodin. I feel like I can do labor. Especially since they have tubs. I may spend the whole dang time in the tub until they make me get out to catch.

- The Plague of Doom stalled out my work on Cato last week. I really need to kick it into super high gear if I want to get this thing drafted before Baby Time. Not sure what that means yet, precisely. This chapter is my real weak point so far: I felt like I had new things to say about Caesar, and the Libya information had never been compiled in the way I was doing it. But this bit feels like I'm stretching. What it may very well turn into, for now, is a 25-30 page essay. Get the ideas down in a raw format that can be fleshed out / footnoted out come January (or whenever I decide I want to get back to work). It's not ideal, and I'd feel a lot better if it got licked into better shape before then. But *something* done is better than nothing, and it's a sliding scale up from there. The fact that I'm NOT seeing where I want it to go may mean that it's best off being drafted and then left alone for a couple of months anyway. Plus, if I get this drafted, I could start working on polishing up Caesar and drafting out introductory / conclusive material as well.

Gah. I sometimes feel like I have no control in this process, or like the whole thing is a tangled mass of string that I'll never untangle. But then I just chant to myself... it doesn't have to be perfect. It just needs to get done. It's not even going to be a book, I don't think: I'm shooting for at least 2 articles out of it, with a possible book project spinning out of one of the chapters (a sourcebook, not a monograph). Or who knows, at this point. It's a one word at a time deal for the moment.

- Or maybe I'll say TO Hell With It, teach myself to really sew, and make a living working from home as a seamstress-for-hire / designer. I can't be the only woman out there who wants to live in alternate decades / centuries on a regular basis for less than $500 a dress...

- Reading Daniel Abraham's conclusion to "The Long Price", so there will most likely be a review forthcoming. If you haven't picked up the series (which begins with "A Shadow in Summer"), you're missing out. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this series is one of the most truly creative and original things I have ever read.

- Kev is upstairs now putting together furniture, which means that within a few days, the baby's room will look like, well, a baby's room. Yes, there will be picture-posts for those who care about such things. Meanwhile, I should go up and help, or at least offer encouragement.
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( Jun. 7th, 2009 04:05 pm)
This is me. This is my new place. We'll see what happens next...


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